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You've got great content? Want the design to match?

Investing in your presentations is vital to grow your business, career, and leadership goals. Let's make your presentations clear, convincing, and inspiring.

Woman presenting in front of a sitting crowd

About Us

Linia Lab is a creative studio based in the Boston area. We focus on presentation and pitch deck design.


We use the principles of minimalism and clarity, combined with beautiful layouts to influence your audience to take action.

In our creative process, we value open communication with you.

Let's create designs that resonate! 

About us

Presentation Design

Our designs go far beyond aesthetics. 

We make sure your content is highlighted, focused, and made clear through design.

Master Deck Design


Do all your presentations vary, like they don't belong under the same umbrella? Do you feel you're starting each presentation from scratch?

If so, it's time for a branded master deck with custom layouts you can easily reuse. 



The trickiest part of a pitch is that you have a short amount of time to convey a very important message.

Our custom high-end design will ensure your potential investors understand your story clearly and are both emotionally moved and logically convinced.

Featured Designers


We've worked with national and international companies and even one of Time Magazine's Best Inventions of the Year.