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Why I love It

Garr Reynolds and this book are cited as an influence by many of today's best presentation designers, agencies, and public speakers and with good reason: his simple and straightforward ideas on great slides and visuals are true and enduring.

Why I love it

This book on building slides for your presentations is written by Nancy Duarte, whose presentation design agency has worked with Al Gore, TED Talks, and more. Duarte's visual style is clear, minimal, and straightforward. She includes information on process, as well as many real-life examples.

Building a story brand.jpg

Why I love it

This book is a classic! It is about how to simplify your message and tell your story for your brand (or services, products, etc).

Even if you're not an entrepreneur with a brand, it will help you understand why and how to simplify your messages.

Believe me, it'll completely change the way you communicate for the better.

Why I love it

This funny, true, whimsical book is technically about running and the love-hate relationship with running many runners have. But its lessons can be true for so many challenges you set for yourself. The true (but hysterical) graphs and illustrations are the best part.

Why I love it

The author's unassuming tone about the funny, interesting, and challenging moments of a public speaker's life will make you feel much more comfortable with any insecurities and issues you have yourself.

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These help me look great for all my remote meetings


Ring Light

Has customizable lighting and made all the difference for me to look naturally lit in meetings, since my computer is not in front of a window.

Web Cam

If you have a laptop whose built in camera is fuzzy or low quality, upgrading to this affordable webcam will make a huge difference. And it has a privacy cover, so you can cover it when not using.

Zoom background guide - 1.jpg

Zoom Backgrounds

There are a lot of options for virtual backgrounds these days. Stay away from the slew of beach, space, and kitschy backgrounds.

I've done the research in stock photography and put together a FREE downloadable guide with links to my 10 favorite professional looking Zoom backgrounds.

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