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Corporate PowerPoint Templates

Is Your Presentation Master Deck Your Brand's Weak Link?

You have a beautiful brand, style guide, and website, but somehow all those assets are not translating to beautiful, branded, impactful presentations.

One of the main reasons this happens to companies like yours is that many brand and design agencies do not specialize in presentation design and presentations in general. This means that corporate templates are often not included as a part of brand redesigns, or are included, but are insufficient to properly support staff.

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Screen of a black laptop in which you can see a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation open and being designed
PowerPoint Presentation Template Sample from Linia Lab

Are you tired of slides with great content, but poor design?


The result of poor corporate templates? Presentations, both internal and external, that rely too heavily on the creativity and tech-savvy of your staff.


And when that’s not present, slides are too packed, too uniform, or too all-over-the-place. Worst-case scenario? Staff borrow from a variety of other firms’ decks resulting in a patchwork, strange approach.

Don't Worry
We Gotcha.

We specialize in presentation design. 

Here’s what you can expect in your new corporate template from us:

 Multiple useful

You shouldn’t have to settle for the 12 default PowerPoint layouts —those were not designed with your organization and content in mind.
We will review your typical decks to see the type of content and layouts that make sense for your content.

Examples of ‘what good looks like’

The most useful corporate decks include a variety of example slides using the provided layouts. These give staff an idea of how they can use the new layouts to build a variety of different slides and also gives them a sense of good text-to-visuals ratio.

Properly set global elements

Colors, fonts, bullet styles and even the default check box will be properly setup in the back-end to be automatic. We often see one of these items missing when master decks are created by non-presentation specialists.

Graphical Elements

You'll have example tables, columns, timelines, staff photo layouts, and more – all easy to copy, paste, and completely editable for use and reuse in future slides.

Woman presenting by a white board is looking directly at the camera and smiling


  • Kick-off discovery & alignment call

  • File and asset hand-offs

  • Corporate template creation

  • 2 full revision rounds

  • Optional staff training

  • Stellar communication and project management throughout

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We've worked with national and international companies, and even one of Time's Best Inventions of 2021.

"Boriana did a fantastic job.


Our corporate template needed a lot of love and Boriana offered thoughtful insight that was invaluable.

She communicated thoroughly and I appreciated her professionalism and the quality of work."

— Jodi Whittle, 
Digital Designer, CoreSite

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