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An Easy Way to Improve Your Presentation's Ending

Many presentations end with a call to action.

This is already well known as a best practice and it is, indeed, really important to include just that: clear actions so your audience understands the next steps you recommend.

However, ending with a chore list is not very inspirational.

So what can you do to end on a higher note?

Paint a picture of what the world will look like for your audience when they take your advice and complete the tasks on the list.

  • What's at stake?

  • What is the reward: for their lives, for the world, for their team if everyone follows through with the call to action?

Including that will leave the audience with a sense of ‘what could be’ and is far more inspirational.

It will encourage the audience to take on that action.


A great resource to learn more about the structure of great presentations is the book "Resonate" by Nancy Duarte.

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