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How Simplifying Your Content Helps with Clarity and Engagement

Showing is better than explaining!

See why short can be better for both engagement and clarity when it comes to your supporting slides.

Which slide from each set do YOU prefer?

Or what about which slide you prefer from this set?

Less content is better when it comes to supporting slides for 3 main reasons:

  1. Audiences cannot both read your slides and listen to you speak. They can do one. So have them listen to you and use your slides as supporting material: showing beautiful photography or important INSIGHTS.

  2. Your audience is already overwhelmed with data saturation. Don’t contribute to it. Help them by editing your content down and distilling your message.

  3. Having one main point gives you ROOM to include beautiful visuals or other supporting assets like graphs, tables, photos, and more. These are what really tell the story.

If you want to know 6 additional tips to design more persuasive slides, get my FREE Presentation Design Checklist.

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