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How to Create a Custom Color Palette From any Image

Have you ever wanted to create a custom color palette from one inspirational image, which you could use consistently throughout your PowerPoint presentation?

Here's how to do just that:

1. Create 6 identical rectangles

This is how may colors are in Microsoft’s default palette tool.

You don’t have to use them all, and I recommend you only use 2-3 main colors and make the rest neutrals or backgrounds.

2. Use the color picker

Use the color picker tool to choose complementary colors from the inspiration image or images.

3. Get the hex codes

Once you've created your full palette, get the exact hex code from each color, so you can set up these colors in the presentation’s master template color palette.

Right click a color » Fill » More Fill Colors » Copy and save the 'Hex' number

(It should start with a '#' and have a combination of 6 letters and/or numbers)

4. Set up the palette in the back-end of your presentation

Go to the View tab --> Slide Master --> Colors --> Customize Colors

There, enter in the six brand new colors you chose.

Now these six colors will be available to apply to text and backgrounds on every slide in your presentation, give you that perfect consistency. And they'll match the image or images where you grabbed the colors perfectly.

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