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How to Crop Photos Into Custom Shapes in PowerPoint

Ever wondered how professional PowerPoint templates have their photos cropped into beautiful and varied shapes like these?

Here are four easy steps to recreate the custom crop for any photo in PowerPoint

  1. Insert photo Insert your photo anywhere on your slide (you can move it later)

  2. Insert the custom shape Insert the shape you'd like to crop the photo to on top of your photo Go to Insert » Shapes and select the shape you want to crop your photo to

  3. Align the photo and shape Right click on the shape and select Fill » No Fill Now you can see the photo underneath and place the shape exactly where you want the border of the photo to be. Scale the photo up or down, move it around until the shape and photo are aligned for the crop

  4. Complete the crop To crop the photo, simply go to Shape Format tab » Merge Shapes » Intersect

Here is a short video showing you those steps

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