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Presentation Templates

Our deluxe PowerPoint presentation templates are fully customizable.

And they're designed in the US!

Each has a modern, clean design, focusing on clarity of message. Have total confidence in your presentation as you use these templates to sharpen your professionalism.

Got Template questions?

Can you provide help to customize my template?

Sure! Just fill out our project inquiry form and we'll get back to you within 2 business days with availability and pricing options.

What can I change in my template?

You can edit all text, you can swap out photos with your own photos, you can change the color of all icons, helper shapes, and background shapes, and you can move the placement of all template elements or delete them completely.

Can I return my template for a refund?

Unfortunately, no. Since the templates are digital products, they cannot be returned once purchased. Purchases are final.

What software are the templates compatible with?

PowerPoint and Google Slides. You'll get a .PPTX file in your email as soon as you make the purchase. That file can easily by uploaded into Google Slides for use there. 

Don't See The Template You need?

Send us a message and let us know what you're looking for! We're always adding to our list and will respond to your message.

Thanks for submitting!

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